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For a hair studio that restores confidence and rejuvenates the mind, come to HALO Salon & Spa.

Are you interested in finding a new hair studio in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area? When you go to the salon, you want to find a place that is clean, inviting, and represents the beauty you are seeking to obtain. Even better is a hair studio where you can receive multiple services in the same familiar environment. Here at HALO Salon & Spa, we seek to provide you with just that and more. Our goal is to provide services that go beyond beauty, offering relaxation and rejuvenation to the mind and body.

Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At HALO Salon & Spa, we are an Aveda salon with core beliefs in holistic beauty that is environmentally responsible. As a leading salon in the services we provide, we offer a luxurious and renewing experience to residents of the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. Our friendly and talented stylists and staff are here to listen to what it is you’re hoping to achieve. They make it a priority to keep up on the latest trends, so if you want ideas or advice, they can help you decide on a look you’ll love. Then with their talent and experience they can provide that look along with a rejuvenating experience. They can also help you select the Aveda products that will best help you achieve the same healthy, beautiful style at home.

If you are interested in coming to our hair studio for a group event, such as updos for a bridal party, or a fun, relaxing time with friends, our large, friendly salon is the perfect setting. We also offer spa services such as massage and nails.

Come experience the best of what we at HALO Salon & Spa have to offer. Call us today to make an appointment.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a New Hair Studio

Finding a new hair studio isn’t always easy! Particularly if you are new to an area and can no longer visit your tried-and-true hairdresser, going to see a new hair studio can feel a bit like going on a first date again. Here at HALO Salon & Spa, we want to put you at ease. Our hair studio is one that helps clients feel comfortable from the start of the appointment to the end, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when looking for a new hair studio.

Do I feel comfortable here?

A great hair studio will want to help you get a great style and cut, but you should still enjoy your time there! We always strive to deliver great services while giving our customers wonderful and relaxing experiences.

Are the stylists listening to my wants/concerns with my hair?

Do you ever feel like your hair stylist is just trying to push copy + paste with your described hair style? This can feel frustrating, particularly if you have specific hair care needs you’d like addressed with your style.

Will I be rushed through my appointment?

Feeling rushed through an appointment is not enjoyable! If you tell our salon what you would like done, we make sure there is ample time for the service and questions you might have.

Can I replicate this style at home?

When you have ample time for your appointment, we are also able to show you the products, tools and techniques that we used to achieve your style. With some great tips from our experts, we will help you feel confident you can have salon-fresh hair from your home.

We would love to tell you more about our hair studio. For more questions about our services, stylists or to make an appointment, please contact us today.

Hair Studio in Clemmons, NC

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