Professional Hair Color: Top Four Reasons You Should Ditch the Box

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While it is true that a box of hair color costs less than professional hair color, there is a good reason for that. When you choose to get a professional hair color from HALO Salon & Spa, you are paying for so much more than just the hair dye. You are paying for the expertise of a trained stylist, the high-quality products we use, and the overall salon experience that simply can’t be duplicated with a grocery-store product. Here are the top four reasons we believe you should ditch the box and leave your hair coloring to the pros:

box of hair color costs less than professional hair color

  1. A professional can use precision that isn’t possible with the box – Each stylist is required to have hundreds of hours of practice in order to learn how to avoid lines or blotches of color, especially if you want the coloring to appear natural and seamless.
  2. Hair color should be customized to each person – Your stylist understands what formulas you’ll need based on your current hair color, your skin-tone and the health of your hair.
  3. What you put on your hair matters – If you care enough about the way your hair looks to change the color, you likely will care about its health. At HALO Salon & Spa we use only products and processes we trust to add beauty without damaging and drying out your hair.
  4. Don’t deprive yourself of the professional hair color experience – One of the best parts of coming to our salon is the rejuvenating and pampering experience you have while you’re here. We believe in achieving wellness through holistic beauty, and we want to provide that for you.

So put down that box and call us for a professional hair color that you will love for weeks and months to come!


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