Pedicure, Clemmons, NC

Treat your feet to a pedicure today!

If you have sore, tired feet, we here at HALO Salon & Spa would like to help you pamper those hard-working soles today! Most of us find ourselves on our feet quite often, even if we work at a desk job. Through commuting times, uncomfortable shoes, and desperately trying to get exercise or extra steps in during our workweek, our feet can take quite a beating. Here at HALO Salon & Spa, we want to help you refresh and revitalize your feet with more than just a coat of nail polish, but with a refreshing and relaxing pedicure.

Pedicure in Clemmons, North Carolina

The longer you are on your feet, the more calluses tend to develop. While meant to protect our feet from blisters or excess wear, calluses can start to be problematic when they crack or cause pain. Here at HALO Salon & Spa, we give your feet the star treatment, starting by a luxurious soak to help soften your unnecessary calluses. Using natural products that soften, hydrate and exfoliate, we smooth and scrub your feet until they are left smooth, clean and feeling wonderful. No more problematic cracked heels, no more dry skin.

Once we have scrubbed your feet, we work with special antioxidants and fruit acids in combination with a foot and leg massage. Doing this increases circulation to your tired extremities and has healing abilities in addition to feeling marvelous. Using rich lotions that your thirsty feet will drink up, you will enjoy soft feet with a lovely color addition after you have chosen your polish of choice.

If you are ready to put a little more pep in your step, come and see us at HALO Salon & Spa for a pampering pedicure today.

Pedicure in Winston‑Salem, NC


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